Tired Of Toxic And Non-Effective Cleaning Agents? Try The Sentinel 369 Ultimate Cleaner & Degreaser

Most homeowners and business owners tend to rely on acid-based cleaners for the simple reason that they think that they are best suited to kill germs and bacteria. However, the end result is that most surfaces tend to end up being too acidic. The secret that many people do not know is that alkaline-based cleaners can do the job just as well. Not only do alkaline-based cleaners like Sentinel 369 Ultimate Cleaner & Degreaser do the job right, they also happen to be more non-toxic and more effective.

Wondering Why You Should Use The Sentinel 369 Cleaner & Degreaser? Here Are The Reasons Why…

There are several reasons why most restaurant owners and business owners consider this cleaner & degreaser is considered the best cleaning agent by commercial business owners and residential business owners as this article will explain below.

For starters, this cleaning agent is biodegradable. This essentially means that this that it is eco-friendly. Unlike other cleaning agents that may affect the environment upon use, this cleaning agent reacts well with the environment and it does not leave behind any chemical compounds that may affect the environment.

Though it is alkaline-based and has a pH of 11.75, the Sentinel 369 Ultimate Cleaner & Degreaser does not leave behind any alkalinity once it used to clean surfaces. This essentially means that if you are using it to clean your restaurant tables or any other surfaces there is no danger of toxic effects to human beings. This is unlike many other cleaning agents in the market that cannot be used to clean surfaces that will eventually be used by humans.

This cleaner and degreaser also has a great smell. If you have ever cleaned surfaces using most cleaning agents in the market, you may have ended up being put off by the “hospital/surgical” smell that comes with most of these agents. The Sentinel 369 Ultimate Cleaner & Degreaser comes with a lime or lemon scent that makes it ideal for use on almost all surfaces. Whether it is a commercial business such as an eatery, an industrial setting or even your home, you can rely on this cleaner to give you perfect results.

The best part about this cleaner is that it can be used to clean all types of surfaces. Whether it is wooden surfaces, metal surfaces or surfaces made of other materials, using this cleaner & degreaser will result in guaranteed great results.

What are you waiting for? Research shows that there is no cleaner like the Sentinel 369 Ultimate Cleaner & Degreaser in the market. The results speak for themselves. Why not try it yourself and become one of the satisfied property owners who can attest to its efficacy?