What Cleaners Are Available Today To Get Rid of Smoke and Odors?

Many people are frustrated by the inability to get rid of smoke or odors. In the past, they have not been able find a solution that works so they continue to try. Sentinel cleaning products will solve their problem with smoke and odors. This is the information they were looking for.

Introducing Sentinel Products, Inc.

Sentinel Products, Inc. has a line of products which not only combat odors, but also destroy them. It is essential for any project. This company has a variety of products to eliminate odors such as smoke, mildew, and mold.

5051. Sentinel 505 Smoke and Odor Laundry Cleaner

This laundry wash will remove odors and stains from clothes, towels, and other washable articles. This is a safe product that should be in every laundry room.

sentinel products smoke and odor remover MN2. Sentinel 522 Smoke & Odor Cleaner & Destroyer

It will mask the smells. This cleaner gets to the core of the issue without simply covering it up. This is a safe water-based product. After killing smells such as urea, feces and smoke, it leaves a fresh fragrance behind. Everyone should keep this cleaner in their home.

3. Sentinel 522RW Smoke and Odor Restoration Cleaning Wipes

They are towelettes that are used to remove odors. It is best to use a cleaner first, which will remove all grease, grime and dirt.

Odor Remover4. Sentinel 522OB Odor Destroyer Block

It is a multi-purpose cleaner that you can use in a variety of ways to reach those hard-to-reach places. It’s designed to eliminate the odors in these spaces, and is very easy to use.

5. Sentinel 531 Smoke & Odor Counteractant

This concentrated odor-eliminating product will help eliminate the unpleasant odors which have plagued many people for many years. This product is non-hazardous and safe to use.

6. Sentinel 586 Fresh Scent Enzyme Cleaner & Odor Eliminator

This powerful cleaner uses enzymes to reduce odors. This is a great pre- and post-cleaner that many people are looking for.

Sentinel has the products people are looking for. These products are not only effective in removing odors, but also get to the source of the problem. Their products can remove odors from clothing, furniture and walls.