Why You Should Consider Using Sentinel Lead Lockdown-Sealant

If you need to use the very best lead abatement material, you should consider Sentinel Lead Lockdown sealant. This is one of the best materials that you can use to effectively and safely seal any area using this material that is environmentally safe. The reason that you would use it is to remove any type of lead that could be on the walls or services inside of your building. It is designed to conform with HUD guidelines, and also conforms with phosphate rules, which are often enforced in states like New York and Maryland. Here are the reasons why you should consider using this particular material.

Who Is Sentinel Products?

Our company  is well known in the construction industry for providing a multitude of different materials used for odor control, controlling mold and mildew, and also environmental abatement purposes. Abatement has become a very popular necessity in many areas where lead paint and other similar materials need to be removed. In fact, when you have an abatement specialist come out to determine where lead contamination may be, they will likely recommend this product. In the same way that it can help with the removal of asbestos, lead abatement materials can help suppress dust and also conform with environmental prerequisites.

Uses For Sentinel Lead Lockdown-Sealant

There are so many uses for this material when you are doing an abatement project. For example, you may need to use it if you are redeveloping property or if you’re going to do a demolition. It is very common for these materials to become airborne which can be hazardous. That’s why you will need these products to help diminish that possibility. There are even products using this material in the form of convenient wipes that are highly concentrated, allowing you to wash down entire areas within minutes. Lead cleanup projects will often require this type of product to complete it based upon the parameters of the local safety committees and their regulations.

Different Types Of Sentinel Lead Lockdown-Sealant

This material is often put down in areas where lead is thought to be. By covering it up, you can avoid any potential contamination. It comes in many different styles and sizes, some of which are a clear finish, whereas others are white and Wolf will do the job easily. These products will also conform with EPA regulations. In fact, this is 100% acrylic water-based material. You will use this after you have removed all of the materials that may have had lead, or if you have completed a demolition project, it will also be necessary. Each one is formulated with a clear matte finish, plus they are flexible and you will not need to use a primer or sanded down. Keep in mind that this is not an encapsulant, yet if you need one, this company also has these products available.

If you will be working on a project that involves the removal of lead, you will want to use this state-of-the-art product. Sentinel Lead Lockdown-Sealant is literally the best sealant for this exact purpose. It is also very affordable despite how effective it is. If you need more information about this product, you can go to the main Senpro website that will showcase everything that they have available. In no time, you will have this product delivered, courtesy of this reliable company that offers these outstanding products.