Adhesive Primers

Adhesive primers are used to pre-treat substrates before attachment, making adhesives more effective. Sentinel’s line of adhesive primers are easy to use, environmentally safe, and great for flooring and restoration applications.

Sentinel 811 Multi-Surface Adhesive Primer

This latex-based primer is designed to help improve the adhesive capabilities of floor and wallpaper adhesives. Apply it as you would a paint primer prior to installing peel and stick tile, sheet vinyl, carpet, carpet tile, wallpaper, and paneling.

Product Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

Sentinel 821 Moisture Blocking Adhesive Sealer/Primer

This unique product creates a moisture barrier on the substrate surface that lowers moisture emission and improves the bonding ability of new adhesive while also inhibiting the growth of mold and mildew on the dried primer surface. This product is great for use in basements, garages, and other areas where moisture is a concern.

Product Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

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