Asbestos Related Products

Help lower fiber counts by suppressing dust and airborne particulates with Sentinel's asbestos abatement products.

Our line of asbestos-related products are great for use in containment as well as for the removal of asbestos-containing roofing and exterior building materials.

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Asbestos Products And More

asbestos product mnToday, homeowners are confused at times about which products to use for a better and cleaner environment. When searching for cleaning products for restoration, abatement, flooring projects, professional cleaning, and remediation, it only makes sense to choose the right product for the project. There is one company that provides perfect, environmentally friendly cleaning products. They have been doing it for over 50 years and therefore they know exactly what they are doing.

This company has been on the cutting edge when it comes to environmentally safe cleaning products. This has been their company goal long before the word “environmentally friendly” even came into existence. It is a 3rd generation business that has a team of experts and on-staff chemists who continue to create and develop products that utilize both the most effective cleaning formulas and the latest green technologies.

This company is well-known for their quality customer service. Ordering their products is painless and simple. How often do you grow frustrated when you go through an endless series of automated messages when calling a company? This will not happen to you when you call this company during their business hours. You will be directed quickly to a real, knowledgeable expert who can guide you through their various products, answer all of your questions, and help you to make the best decision on which product is perfect for you.

All of the company products are EPA approved and they continually meet the most stringent standards and regulations from CARB, VOC, and OTC. Some of their products include adhesive removers, odor control products, degreasers and cleaners, adhesive primers, asbestos-related products, and paints & coatings.

For example, their lead abatement and asbestos products are manufactured to suppress airborne and dust particles while doing an environmental abatement. This makes any contaminant removal process safer and simpler. They also have excellent odor control products that will not simply cover up but will destroy. These products will eliminate musty and smoke odors once and for all.

Mold is extremely dangerous and this company has created a complete line of environmentally safe and friendly mildew and mold resistant coatings. Also, as mentioned previously, the company has an impressive lineup of degreasers, adhesive removers, and general cleaners.

The company understands that your need for a quality product is most important. If you are a contractor, your reputation will be on the line for every job that you do. Homeowners and do-it-yourselfers will want to choose only a product that is safe and that can do the job correctly the first time. This company guarantees that you will be getting the very best solutions when you choose any of their products.

Sentinel 840 Surfactant Wetting Agent

This superior wetting agent is designed for use prior to the abatement of asbestos-containing materials (ACM).

Product Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

Sentinel 890 Foamer

This high-performance foaming agent is designed to increase the foaming properties of cleaning detergents and for use as a dust suppressant.

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Safety Data Sheet

Sentinel 811LE Lockdown Encapsulant

C811LE Lockdown Encapsulant is a post- removal lockdown encapsulant solution. 811LE is premixed and requires no dilution.811LE is essential for use during the mandatory sealing of asbestos fibers and dust subsequent to removal or building demolition. 811LE goes on white and dries clear. 812LE goes on white and dries white.

Product Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

Sentinel 812LE Lockdown Encapsulant

This post-removal lockdown encapsulant solution is premixed and requires no dilution. It is essential for use during mandatory sealing of asbestos fibers and dust subsequent to removal or building demolition. It goes on white and dries with a white finish.

Product Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

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