Why Use Sentinel Products to Deal with Smoke and Musty Odors


Choosing the right product for professional or home cleaning, remediation and restoration is only half the battle. Sentinel offers better solutions to promote sustainability and a healthier environment. Sentinel knows how smoke and musty smells can ruin a room. Covering them is therefore not an option. The best option is to completely destroy them.

Sentinel offers a range of top-quality restoration cleaning products to remove smoke and musty smells. These products include safe and effective odor control solutions that can be used in different ways to combat a variety of odors. They include

Odor Removers: Sentinel provides quality odor removal products that do not just cover up the musk, but also eliminate it. It eliminates strong odors from restoration, such as mildew and mold. The products include:

Sentinel 505 Smoke & Odor Laundry Wash: This product is a concentrated cleaner which will remove odors from clothes and machine-washable articles. Sentinel 505 can be used on clothing and soft goods after a fire. However, it is also applicable to any situation where odors may occur.

Sentinel Smoke & Odor Cleaner & destroyer: This product has been specially formulated to remove all malodors, clean soils and degrease stains. Sentinel 522, a water-based biodegradable product, will not mask odors, but rather destroy them. It leaves a fresh and clean smell behind.

Odor Encapsulants: Together with odor eliminators, odor encapsulants will prevent the smell from returning. These products are perfect for managing indoor air quality. They’re also safe to use in interior structures.

Sentinel Low Viscosity Smoke & Odor Sealant: This is a liquid sealant that’s used to seal odors in restoration projects. This multi-surface sealing product has a low odor formulation and excellent adhesion properties. It does not contain any VOCs. This sealant is available as a liquid in a transparent formula. Apply after cleaning and treating the area with Sentinel odor removers.

Sentinel 538 Smoke & Odor Encapsulant: This water-based sealer/primer odor encapsulant locks down and seals odors. This coating is multi-surface and interior/exterior with excellent adhesion properties. It also has a low-odor formula. It is available in a clear, white or natural wood finish.

Sentinel is a leader in the cleaning industry with over 50 years of experience. They were pioneers in promoting sustainability through the use of environmentally-safe products, even before “going green” became a business trend. Their products are dependable.