Environmentally friendly Adhesive Remover For Indoor/Outdoor Carpet

Adhesive Remover

The environment is a major concern for people today. They are aware that they must do their part in order to ensure that the world will survive well into future. It is crucial to select a product which is both environmentally friendly and provides a suitable solution for flooring projects, restoration or professional cleaning. One company has spent 50 years developing products that are effective and environmentally-friendly.

What type of adhesive remover would you use to remove the adhesive from indoor or outdoor carpet, for example? This company offers a wide range of adhesive removal products, including wood flooring adhesives and vinyl tile adhesives.

Sentinel 626 is a Adhesive Remover for Indoor/Outdoor Carpet. This product is specifically designed to safely remove indoor carpets in flooring, asbestos and lead abatement. This product is specially formulated to remove adhesives from indoor carpets and sheet vinyls. The product will perform well while having minimal impact on the environment.

Sentinel 626 is a powerful, biodegradable water-based adhesive remover. This product was developed specifically to remove acrylic, pressure-sensitive adhesives, and latex adhesives quickly. This product can be used to remove adhesives from wood, ceramic tile, terrazzo or vinyl tiles. This product is V.O.C. compliant.

Sentinel® 620 is a concentrated sheet vinyl and carpet adhesive removal product. This product is ideal for removing carpets that are stubborn or to remove the most difficult acrylic and latex glues from any type of flooring. Sentinel 620, an adhesive remover product with a high concentration of active ingredients. You can mix 620 with hot water, or use it straight from the container.

It’s reassuring to know that the products of this company are completely safe. Since decades, they have worked on developing environmentally-safe cleaning products. The company was doing this long before “being green” became a popular trend. This is a third generation business with a team of chemists and experts who continue to create effective cleaning formulas while being environmentally friendly.