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As a leader in the development and production of innovative cleaning solutions, Sentinel recognizes the need to distribute effective products across multiple markets where quality solutions are needed.

By offering relevant solutions, Sentinel’s quality products and industry knowledge integrate with like-minded organizations that have strong distribution and market presence, creating solutions that benefit both parties.

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Sentinel’s Private Label Program

At Sentinel, we are proud to offer private-labeling initiatives including:

Our private-label products are used in a number of industries, including:

At Sentinel we work closely with industry-leading organizations to develop solutions that meet the ever-changing demands of their clients, increasing their market presence and ultimately, their bottom line.

Our effective, private-label products are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 55-gallon drums, pints, and spray quarts to fully-assembled, ready-to-use kits. We leverage economies of scale to offer the best possible pricing for your budget, and our quick turnaround times get your products to market sooner. You can take advantage of Sentinel’s label design services and work within an existing brand to offer new products that enhance the value of that brand.

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