Lead Abatement

shutterstock_458202475The removal of lead-based paint hazards is critical to the health of a home or building. At Sentinel, we understand that this is very specialized work requiring oversight and certification.

We want to ensure that you have all the tools that you need to do this job quickly, safely, and effectively. That’s why we’ve created a line of environmentally-safe products to help you manage the removal of lead-based hazards as efficiently as possible.

Lead Abatement Products

Begin by using one of our specialty mastics to remove lead-infected adhesives including:

Use our Sentinel 811LE or 812LE Lockdown Encapsulant to seal lead fibers and dust during demolition andour 840 Surfactant Wetting Agent to saturate fibers and lower surface tension prior to lead abatement.

Finish with our afterwash products(Sentinel 805 or 805NP) to do the final preparation on your sub-floors following lead dust clean-up. You can also use our Sentinel ET 290, ET 90, or ET 28 Enivrontowels for pre-cleaning prior to removal or encasement of lead and for final cleanup following lead abatement.

From start to finish, Sentinel’s products make your lead abatement project quick and safe!

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