Top Reasons To Use Sentinel Restoration Products For All Your Cleaning Needs

Adhesive RemoverWhen restoring your property or carrying out routine cleaning, you may have come across tough stains that are hard to remove. Such stains can lower the aesthetics of your property if not eliminated effectively and completely. If you have such stains in your property, you should browse the range of cleaning products offered at for guaranteed success in your cleaning venture.

Sentinel Restoration Products is a family company that was established in 1963 with a view of offering trusted cleaning solutions to all industries. With over 50 years’ experience in offering quality cleaning products, we are certified by many organizations and have a strong industry reputation for meeting client needs.

Among our wide range of products, you cannot lack a cleaning product that will help solve your cleaning headache be it in a commercial or residential property. Our cleaning products are all approved by the VOC and further they are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Some of the cleaning products that we offer can be used for:

• Cleaning and Degreasing Floors

When installing new floors, it is important to clean the installation surface if you want to ensure durability. Our range of cleaners and degreasers can also be used to clean new floors in order to maintain their shine.

• Removing Asbestos from Floors

Asbestos is very harmful and dangerous to human health. You can use our cleaning products to get rid of asbestos contamination and also prevent its recurrence in the future hence ensuring that the inhabitants of your property are healthy and protected.

• Cleaning Stains on Surfaces

We have a range of products that can be used to remove organic stains as well as other difficult stains such as those caused by oil. Not only do our products remove the existing stains but they also lighten and brighten surfaces.

• Removing Odors

You can also peruse our catalog of cleaning products for environmentally protecting cleaning supplies that can be used to get rid of disturbing odors in your property. Our products are designed to eliminate odors once and for all.

On acquiring Sentinel Restoration Products, you are not just receiving top-of-the-range industry cleaning products. Our skilled technicians and customer support staff are always on call to answer queries and offer technical support. To us, our work only ends when you have achieved the desired and expect results you were hoping for during cleaning.

You do not have to be stressed when it comes to finding the right products for cleaning your property. Senpro is here for all your cleaning needs. Simply get in touch with us today at for guaranteed high-quality products, exceptional customer service and guaranteed satisfaction.