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Why Use Sentinel Products to Deal with Smoke and Musty Odors


Choosing the right product for professional or home cleaning, remediation and restoration is only half the battle. Sentinel offers better solutions to promote sustainability and a healthier environment. Sentinel knows how smoke and musty smells can ruin a room. Covering them is therefore not an option. The best option is to completely destroy them.

Sentinel offers a range of top-quality restoration cleaning products to remove smoke and musty smells. These products include safe and effective odor control solutions that can be used in different ways to combat a variety of odors. They include

Odor Removers: Sentinel provides quality odor removal products that do not just cover up the musk, but also eliminate it. It eliminates strong odors from restoration, such as mildew and mold. The products include:

Sentinel 505 Smoke & Odor Laundry Wash: This product is a concentrated cleaner which will remove odors from clothes and machine-washable articles. Sentinel 505 can be used on clothing and soft goods after a fire. However, it is also applicable to any situation where odors may occur.

Sentinel Smoke & Odor Cleaner & destroyer: This product has been specially formulated to remove all malodors, clean soils and degrease stains. Sentinel 522, a water-based biodegradable product, will not mask odors, but rather destroy them. It leaves a fresh and clean smell behind.

Odor Encapsulants: Together with odor eliminators, odor encapsulants will prevent the smell from returning. These products are perfect for managing indoor air quality. They’re also safe to use in interior structures.

Sentinel Low Viscosity Smoke & Odor Sealant: This is a liquid sealant that’s used to seal odors in restoration projects. This multi-surface sealing product has a low odor formulation and excellent adhesion properties. It does not contain any VOCs. This sealant is available as a liquid in a transparent formula. Apply after cleaning and treating the area with Sentinel odor removers.

Sentinel 538 Smoke & Odor Encapsulant: This water-based sealer/primer odor encapsulant locks down and seals odors. This coating is multi-surface and interior/exterior with excellent adhesion properties. It also has a low-odor formula. It is available in a clear, white or natural wood finish.

Sentinel is a leader in the cleaning industry with over 50 years of experience. They were pioneers in promoting sustainability through the use of environmentally-safe products, even before “going green” became a business trend. Their products are dependable.


The Best Cleaning Products for Your Restoration Projects

300 ETowels 3 Gallon

You will need to be very efficient if you want to restore and maintain industrial, commercial, and residential buildings. Sentinel offers cleaning products that are both safe and effective. You can restore soft goods, wood and flooring among others. You can contact a reputable business like Sentinel Products, which will provide services and products gentle to your original structures. Nobody wants to see the original structures look like an old shadow after restoration. These points will show you the best cleaning products to use with your restoration products.

Cleaners and Degreasers

Sentinel 300 EnviroTowels containing hydrogen peroxide, and Sentinel 310 Fuel Oil Cleaner are among the non-caustic, dilutable cleansers and greasers available. There are so many options to choose from, but it comes down to what you want to use it for. There are also all-purpose cleaning products if you don’t want to buy different cleaners or degreasers. It is important to know that environmentally friendly products work better than their counterparts in the chemical world. Sentinel products can be used for many different professional applications, such as asbestos and lead abatement.

Odor Control Products

Sentinel’s line of restoration products contains odor-control products that are completely safe. They will not harm you or the environment. The products are very effective at removing stale odors, smoke and other odors. They also have many different ways to apply them. There are also odor removers and encapsulants. Both products work together to prevent foul smells. They ensure that the space you restore, whether it is soft or hard goods will retain a fresh scent. These odor-removing products are high quality because they eliminate stale smells permanently, unlike other products that simply mask them.

These points will help you choose the right cleaning products for your restoration project. Do not hesitate to purchase a restoration product if you are planning on launching one. Sentinel Products Company is a company that has been around for more than 50 years. This means they have perfected their product since being in business so long. Sentinel products are suitable for all industries, so you can always find the restoration products you need. Contact them if you need to know more about their service and pricing.


Sentinel Has Products for all Your Cleaning Needs

You may have encountered difficult stains when cleaning your home or restoring it. If these stains are not removed completely and effectively, they can reduce the aesthetics of your home. Browse the cleaning products available at to ensure success with your cleaning project.

Sentinel Restoration Products was founded in 1963 by a family with the aim of providing trusted cleaning solutions for all industries. We have over 50 years of experience offering high-quality cleaning products. We are certified by several organizations and enjoy a solid reputation in the industry for meeting customer needs.

You will find a product in our range that can help you solve any cleaning problem, whether it is for a residential or commercial property. All of our cleaning products have been approved by both the VOC as well as the Environmental Protection Agency.

Our cleaning products can be used to:

Clean and Degrease Floors

It is essential to clean the surface of new floors before installing them. This will ensure their durability. You can use our range of cleaners to clean your new floors and maintain their shine.

Remove Asbestos From Floors

Asbestos can be very dangerous and harmful to the human body. Our cleaning products can be used to remove asbestos and prevent it from reoccurring in the future. This will ensure that your residents are protected and healthy.

Clean Surfaces of Stains

Our products can be used to remove oil stains, organic stains and other tough stains. Our products not only remove existing stains, but also brighten and lighten surfaces.

Remove Odors

Browse our cleaning product catalog for eco-friendly cleaning products that will help you eliminate unpleasant odors from your home. Our products eliminate odors permanently.

Sentinel Restoration Products are more than just top-of the-line cleaning products for industry. We have a team of highly-skilled technicians and support staff available to answer questions and provide technical assistance. Our work is only complete when you achieve the results that you wanted during cleaning.

Sentinel Products is here to help you with all your cleaning needs. Sentinel can help you with all of your cleaning requirements. Contact us at today for high-quality products and exceptional customer service.



Asbestos Products And More

Homeowners are sometimes confused about the products they should use to create a cleaner and healthier environment. It is important to select the correct product when searching for cleaning products. This includes cleaning for professional cleaning and remediation as well as restoration, abatement or flooring projects. One company offers perfect cleaning products that are environmentally friendly. Since we have been in business for more than 50 years, we know what we are doing.

Sentinel is at the forefront of environmentally friendly cleaning products. They have had this goal since long before “environmentally-friendly” was even a word. The 3rd-generation business has on-staff chemists and a team that continues to develop and create products using the latest green technologies and most effective cleaning formulas.

Our customer service is renowned for its high quality. It is easy to order our products. How many times have you been frustrated by an endless string of automated messages while calling a business? You won’t experience this when you call the company during business hours. You will quickly be connected to an expert who is able to guide you through our company’s products, answer your questions and help you make the right decision.

Our company’s products are EPA-approved and meet all the strictest standards and regulations set by CARB, VOC and OTC. Our products include adhesive removers and odor control products. We also offer degreasers, cleaners and adhesive primers.

Our lead abatement products and asbestos products, for example, are manufactured in a way that suppresses airborne particles and dust particles and reduces environmental pollution. The removal of contaminants is made easier and safer. There are also excellent odor-control products which will not only cover but destroy. These products eliminate smoke and musty odors.

We offer a line of mildew- and mold-resistant coatings that are environmentally friendly and safe. As mentioned earlier, the company also has a great lineup of degreasers and cleaners.

We knows that you are most concerned with a high-quality product. Your reputation as a contractor will be at stake for each job you perform. The products that homeowners and DIYers choose should be safe and able to do the job right the first time. Sentinel Products will guarantee that the products you select are of the highest quality.


Environmentally friendly Adhesive Remover For Indoor/Outdoor Carpet

Adhesive Remover

The environment is a major concern for people today. They are aware that they must do their part in order to ensure that the world will survive well into future. It is crucial to select a product which is both environmentally friendly and provides a suitable solution for flooring projects, restoration or professional cleaning. One company has spent 50 years developing products that are effective and environmentally-friendly.

What type of adhesive remover would you use to remove the adhesive from indoor or outdoor carpet, for example? This company offers a wide range of adhesive removal products, including wood flooring adhesives and vinyl tile adhesives.

Sentinel 626 is a Adhesive Remover for Indoor/Outdoor Carpet. This product is specifically designed to safely remove indoor carpets in flooring, asbestos and lead abatement. This product is specially formulated to remove adhesives from indoor carpets and sheet vinyls. The product will perform well while having minimal impact on the environment.

Sentinel 626 is a powerful, biodegradable water-based adhesive remover. This product was developed specifically to remove acrylic, pressure-sensitive adhesives, and latex adhesives quickly. This product can be used to remove adhesives from wood, ceramic tile, terrazzo or vinyl tiles. This product is V.O.C. compliant.

Sentinel® 620 is a concentrated sheet vinyl and carpet adhesive removal product. This product is ideal for removing carpets that are stubborn or to remove the most difficult acrylic and latex glues from any type of flooring. Sentinel 620, an adhesive remover product with a high concentration of active ingredients. You can mix 620 with hot water, or use it straight from the container.

It’s reassuring to know that the products of this company are completely safe. Since decades, they have worked on developing environmentally-safe cleaning products. The company was doing this long before “being green” became a popular trend. This is a third generation business with a team of chemists and experts who continue to create effective cleaning formulas while being environmentally friendly.



Asbestos Abatement Products

It’s one the most difficult tasks you will ever have to do when it comes to removing asbestos in a building or home. Because of the way it affects you after it is removed. While you can buy safety equipment for your home such as masks to avoid inhaling asbestos fibers from the air, businesses need to be certified. It is likely that there are several asbestos removal companies in your local area. Sometimes, it can be difficult to find the right one. Sometimes all you need is the equipment to do the abatement. Sentinel Products Inc. has the products and services that you need. Here are some reasons to call Sentinel Products Inc.

Overview of Sentinel Products Inc.

Sentinel Products has existed since 1963. They offer many cleaning products and services. They started with a simple product: a foot soap. This simple product eventually became the company they are today. They offer adhesive primers and adhesive removers as well as many cleaners or degreasers. They also offer odor control products and asbestos removal, if needed. They have a wide range of products that can be used in a variety projects.

Is there an asbestos-removal product?

One of their products is asbestos removal. It doesn’t really matter if your job is to remove asbestos from a roof or the exterior of a building. The company offers environmentally friendly products for removing asbestos. These include foamers, wetting agents and encapsulants. These products are premixed so no need to dilute. These products can sometimes be used before the removal of asbestos or before a building’s demolition.

Sentinel Products has products that can reduce dust and other airborne particles. It is easier and safer for them to be contained and removed.

Get started with our specialist mastics to remove asbestos-infected adhesives.
Vinyl Tile
Vinyl Sheet
Indoor Carpet
Outdoor Carpet
Pre-finished wood flooring can easily be refinished using urethane
Paint and Coatings

Sentinel also offers Lockdown Sealants (811LS & 812LS), which seals residual fibers after abatement. Sentinel’s 840 Surfactant–Wetting Agent is used for saturating fibers and lowering surface tension prior to asbestos removal.

Finish the subfloor preparation with Sentinel 805.

If you’re having trouble finding reliable asbestos abatement products, Sentinel Products Inc. may be able to help. Sentinel Products Inc.’s eco-friendly products are available for all types of abatement projects, allowing you to complete your project on time. You can reach them by phone to learn more about their products. Visit their website at: for more information

High-Quality Adhesive Primers

adhesive primers

adhesive primersBefore a technician can attach different substrates to the final surface, they must pass through various stages of adhesive application. Technicians utilize adhesive primers to pre-heat these substrates in order to increase the adhesive’s effectiveness. However, you must use eco-friendly adhesive primers because the majority of conventional ones contain harmful pollutants. Sentinel is one of the best brands that not only offers adhesive primers of the highest quality but also ensures that they do not harm the environment.

Superior adhesive primers

Sentinel offers two types of premium-quality adhesive primers: one that adheres to a variety of surfaces and another that prevents moisture absorption.

Primer for multi-surface adhesives – Sentinel’s primer for multi-surface adhesives improves the adhesion of wallpaper and floor adhesives. Before installing sheet vinyl, wallpaper, carpet tiles, paneling, adhesive tile, etc., it must be applied as a paint primer.

Moisture-blocking adhesive primer – Mold and mildew may grow on the surface of the dried primer due to the moisture in the adhesive. The moisture-blocking adhesive primer from Sentinel prevents the growth of moisture on the surface of the substrate. This automatically reduces the primer’s moisture emission, enhancing its bond with the new adhesive. The moisture-blocking primer is ideal for garages, basements, semi-basements, and other susceptible areas.

Using multi-surface adhesive primer

The multi-surface adhesive primer from Sentinel is a high-performance, low-odor primer. It increases the adhesiveness of the floor and wallpaper.

Here is how to apply this adhesive primer:

  • Clean all surfaces and ensure that they are thoroughly dry.

There should not be any moisture on the surface.

  • Shake the Sentinel multi-surface adhesive primer container.

This primer should not be mixed with other solvents or water.

This primer has a milky white color, but after drying it will become transparent.

This primer may be applied with a roller, sprayer, or brush.

Apply a thin layer and allow it to dry.

Depending on the substrate’s porosity, a second coating may be applied.

  • Permit the second coat to dry prior to installing carpet tiles or any other flooring material.

Utilizing a moisture-resistant adhesive primer

This is another quick-drying, moisture-blocking, and low-odor primer that prevents the growth of mold and mildew on the surface of the substrate.

Here’s how to implement this primer:

  • Ensure that the surface of the substrate is clean and dry.

It should not have any loose dirt or debris.

Ideal surface humidity should be less than 70 percent.

In addition, the substrate temperature should be approximately 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • You must prevent this adhesive primer from freezing.

Importantly, it should not be diluted with water or any other solvents.

  • Use a paint roller with a medium nap to apply this primer to the surface of the substrate.
  • Apply a uniform first coat to the entire surface.
  • Depending on the porosity of the substrate, one gallon of Sentinel’s moisture-blocking adhesive primer can cover at least 200 to 400 square feet.
  • Permit the surface to fully dry before applying a second coat.

Sentinel is one of the leading adhesive primer manufacturers. Utilize our products to determine their adhesive properties.

Which Cleaners Can Remove Smoke and Odors?

sentinel products smoke and odor remover MN

sentinel products smoke and odor remover MNGetting rid of smoke and odors is a frequent source of frustration for a large number of individuals. They continue to try because they have not been able to find a solution in the past. Now, they will discover that the Sentinel Products cleaners are the answer to their long-standing smoke and odor problems. Here is the information they were searching for.

A presentation of Sentinel Products, Inc.

The Sentinel Products, Inc. manufactures an entire line of products that not only combat odors but also eliminate them. This is required for any type of project a person may be working on. This company offers the following products to eliminate odors such as smoke, mold, and mildew:

  1. Sentinel 505 Smoke And Odor Laundry Wash

This is the laundry detergent that will eliminate odors from clothing and other washable items. It is safe to use and an absolute necessity for any laundry room.

  1. Sentinel 522 Smoke & Odor Cleaner & Destroyer

This is an odor-removing cleaner. It gets to the root of the issue rather than simply covering it up. It is a water-based, non-hazardous solution. It leaves behind a fresh scent after eliminating odors such as urin, feces, and smoke, among others. It is an essential cleaner that every household should possess.

Sentinel 522RW Smoke And Odor Removal Wipes As Cleaning Towels

These are in the form of towelettes, and they are used by those who wish to eliminate odors. Utilizing a cleaner to remove grease, grime, dirt, and odors from the surface prior to applying these products is optimal.

  1. Sentinel 522OB Odor Destroyer Block

This is a cleaner that can be utilized in a variety of ways to reach those inaccessible areas. It is designed to eliminate odors in these areas and is simple to employ.

  1. Sentinel 525 Furniture Restorer

This product makes it simple to restore furniture. Not only does it clean, but it also eliminates odors and is an all-natural furniture polish.

Sentinel 531 Smoke & Odor Neutralizer

Having this concentrated odor product will eliminate the odors that have plagued many people for decades. This product is safe and non-hazardous to use.

Sentinel 586 Fresh Scent Enzyme Cleaner and Odor Remover

This is a potent cleaner that utilizes enzymes to eliminate odors. This is the type of pre and post cleaner that many individuals have been searching for.

Sentinel provides the products that consumers have been seeking. They appreciate that these products not only leave behind a pleasant scent, but also eliminate the source of the odor problem. People are able to remove a wide variety of odors from clothing, furniture, floors, and walls, among other surfaces, with the help of this company’s excellent line of products.

Floor Adhesive Remover

Adhesive Remover

Adhesive RemoverIt’s crucial to pick an adhesive floor remover that will perform what it promises to do while also being safe for the environment if you’re going to use one. Quality floor adhesive remover products come in a wide range of varieties for things like latex, acrylic, urethane, pressure-sensitive, and cut-back glues. Each of these glues will still need a unique, chemically suitable stripper.

The majority of do-it-yourself homeowners believe that removing the old glue and material from a floor is the hardest component of the remodeling process. Of course, every floor is unique, and every adhesive is unique as well. An adhesive will become harder with time, practically becoming petrified. You will need to utilize one of the following ecologically friendly, sticky floor removers because this will make removal very tough.

The two most crucial considerations for anyone thinking of removing an existing floor themselves are safety and ventilation. A number of compounds are present in floor remover adhesives, which will weaken the glue for simple removal. Wearing slacks, long sleeve shirts, and rubber gloves are all necessary precautions. Always read the manufacturer’s suggestion guidelines that are included. These recommendations will tell you what kind of filter to use with your respirator. Ensure that all of the windows and doors are completely open. In doing so, the removal process will produce fewer hazardous gases.

It is crucial to read the manufacturer’s instructions for how to mix the solution or whether to use it at full strength before applying it. A squeegee, paintbrush, roller, broom, or mop are all acceptable tools. Keep in mind that your objective is to apply a coating of the solution over all of the old adhesive. The chemical reaction will begin as soon as the solution is absorbed by the adhesive. The softened solution will need to be scraped off as your next action.

A typical portable floor scraper can be used to remove adhesive from tiny areas or thin layers of glue. It might be advisable to stand up and use a full-size floor scraper for larger areas and thicker concentrations. Regardless of the scraper you choose, your objective is to completely remove the adhesive from the subfloor. The adhesive should come off easily because the chemicals have weakened it. Apply another layer of the sticky floor remover solution if it doesn’t work.

There Are Many Asbestos Abatement Products In Our Line

When it comes to removing asbestos from a home or building, it’s one of the most difficult things you’ll ever face. That’s because of how it affects you when it’s removed. You can purchase safety equipment for your home, including masks to prevent inhaling asbestos fibers, but businesses always need certified asbestos abatement companies. There are likely several companies in your area that can remove asbestos, and sometimes finding the best one can be challenging. Sometimes, all you need are the products needed to perform the abatement yourself. Sentinel Products Inc. can provide you with the products and services you need. Here are some reasons why you should call them.

Overview Of Sentinel Products Inc.

Since 1963, Sentinel Products has been in operation. They provide many types of cleaning products and services. It all began with a simple product, a simple foot soap, which eventually led to the comprehensive company that they have today. As well as adhesive removers and adhesive primers, they offer many cleaners and degreasers. Furthermore, they offer odor control products, as well as asbestos removal if necessary. In fact, they carry a variety of products that can be used for a variety of abatement projects.

Is there a product for removing asbestos?

Asbestos removal is one of the products they offer. It doesn’t matter if you are removing asbestos from a roof, or if you are working on the exterior of the building. The company sells environmentally friendly products to remove asbestos, including wetting agents, foamers, and encapsulants. They are premixed, so dilution is not required at all. In some cases, these products can be administered before asbestos is removed or even before a building is demolished. There are also a variety of services they offer, such as flooring, remediation, restoration, and asbestos removal.

Consider contacting Sentinel Products Inc. today if you are unable to find a business that offers reliable asbestos abatement products. Their eco-friendly products can be used for any abatement project, helping you complete your project on schedule. To learn more about their products, you can contact them directly by phone. Visit their website at: for more information


747 Plus Adhesive Remover

Adhesive Remover

Adhesive RemoverOne of the most cost-effective ways to improve the value of your home, or to simply improve the quality of your home life is to replace or renew your flooring. However, no one can argue that the cleanup can be challenging, especially if you are using glue products that are certified for domestic flooring use.

There are many adhesive removal products on the market – but there is one that receives consistently great reviews from professionals and DIY enthusiasts. That product is 747 Plus Adhesive Remover.

The question is – why does it receive these incredible reviews? The answer is a pretty simple one. This is a product that will remove almost any type of floor adhesive product. And do so effectively at a great price. That flexibility is something that everyone will value. Why spend money on multiple products when one will do it all. That’s simply not a great return on investment.

This is a product that has another value for those who want any residential or commercial property to remain as functional as possible – it does not have that strong odor that characterizes many other adhesive removal products that are today widely available. You are not going to need a mask when working with this product – and what little odor there is will disappear quickly to allow home or business life to resume as normal quickly.

Many adhesive removal products are manufactured using compounds that can cause enormous harm to the environment. for those homeowners or contractors who want to use products that are eco-friendly 747 Plus Adhesive Remover is the perfect solution. It is also a lot more effective than competing products that may feature harmful compounds. It’s simply one of the best products out there in terms of its biodegradability and green credentials.

The accolades are difficult to ignore. This is a product that is easy to use and offers a low odor solution to removing glue and glue residue in both commercial and residential environments. Even the novice DIY enthusiast will find it easy to use. Its green credentials are difficult to ignore for those who want to reduce both their carbon footprint and the effects of solvents on delicate ecosystems. In short, this is a product that ticks all the right boxes (including value for money). The only question is why anyone would even consider using another product that may not tick all those boxes?

Why You Should Choose 747 Plus Adhesive Remover

Adhesive Remover

Adhesive RemoverIf you’re replacing the flooring in your home, you’ll need to find a way to get rid of any adhesives that are left behind. Whether you’re dealing with cutback adhesive, foam backing, or sheet vinyl, an adhesive remover will help you to clear away glue residue. Sentinel 747 Plus Adhesive Remover is the ideal solution for your next home project.

It Can Remove Many Different Flooring Adhesives

No matter what sort of adhesive you need to remove, you can trust that this product will get the job done. It can be frustrating to buy a product that won’t do what you need it to. This is an efficient product that can be used to clear away virtually any type of flooring adhesive.

Some substances are only a good fit for certain types of adhesives. This is a flexible project that can make all kinds of do-it-yourself home renovation projects easier. In fact, you may be able to use your adhesive remover for more than one project around the house!

It Doesn’t Have a Strong Odor

There are some adhesive removers that have a strong, unpleasant scent. You may have to wear a mask to protect yourself when working with these products. In contrast, this product has a very light odor that’s difficult to detect. On top of that, the odor will fade away fairly quickly.

It can be hard to deal with strong odors in your living space. This product is highly effective, but it doesn’t have a strong scent. You’ll be able to use it without having to worry about the smell.

It’s Biodegradable

Another major benefit of this project is that it’s eco-friendly. There are quite a few products on the market that contain ingredients that are harmful to the environment. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, this biodegradable product is one of your best options.

While some environmentally-friendly products aren’t that powerful, this product works very well. In fact, you may find that it’s actually much more effective than products on the market that contain potentially hazardous ingredients.

The Sentinel 747 Plus Adhesive Remover is a flexible product that’s a good fit for both commercial and residential projects. It’s easy to work with, and it’s a highly effective way to get rid of many types of adhesives. If you have an adhesive that you need to strip away, this is the ideal project for your needs.

Sentinel 626 Carpet & Sheet Vinyl Remover:

adhesive remover

It Will Be Like Nothing Was Ever Stuck There In The First Place!

Carpets and vinyl sheets like decals or wallpapers are great for the simple reason that they can help hide deformations and imperfections on surfaces, hide the actual age of a surface and best of all, they can help accentuate the beauty of a room (when done creatively). However, over time, the vinyl sheets may age and, in the process, lose their splendor and beauty which will call for new decorations/covers on your surfaces. You may even need to remove existing covers for the simple reason that you no longer find them appealing, or, for a host of other reasons…

Most vinyl sheets, decals and even some carpets come with a generous amount of adhesive at the back to help hold them in place. If you have ever tried to remove vinyl sheets, wallpapers or anything else that has adhesive at the back, you probably know how frustrating it can be… Without the right tools and MOST IMPORTANTLY, the RIGHT ADHESIVE REMOVER, you are likely to end up with uneven surfaces and in the process, you can even permanently damage surfaces. This will not only damage the aesthetics of inside your property but you will also need to cough up hefty sums to carry out any requisite repairs.

In the market today, you will find many adhesive removers that claim to ‘do the job right’ but if you check out the experiences of past buyers, you may quickly come to learn that they are not as effective as advertised…

What if I told you that there is an adhesive remover that lives up to its hype? Ever heard of the Sentinel 626 Carpet, Sheet, Decal & Vinyl Adhesive Remover?

The Sentinel 626 adhesive remover is a safe, biodegradable yet highly effective and powerful formulation that is designed to quickly remove pressure-sensitive adhesives, acrylic and latex from surfaces such as ceramics, vinyl tiles, concrete, terrazzo and wood substrates. This powerful adhesive removal formula has been extensively tested and its efficacy proven as testimonials and reviews from customers who have used it prove.

Unlike other adhesive removers that pose a safety hazard to the user, this formulation has been designed to not only quickly and effectively remove carpets and decals stuck on surfaces but also protect the safety of the user and the surrounding environment. The Sentinel 626 is odorless – meaning that it can be used in closed spaces, non-flammable – meaning that there is no risk of fire, biodegradable – meaning that you do not have to worry about any detrimental impact on the environment, and best of all, it is water-based – meaning that you do not have to worry about staining your surfaces when removing any covers with adhesives from surfaces on your property. Did I mention that the process of using this formulation to remove any decals and/or surface covers that have adhesives is as easy as ABC …

To learn more on how to use the Sentinel 626 Carpet, Decals, Sheet & Vinyl Adhesive Remover or to place an order, please call 800-373-0633 or visit

922 Urethane Adhesive Remover – What You Need To Know

Sentinel 922 Urethane Adhesive Remover is a biodegradable solution with a low odor. It has been designed to clean and remove urethane and other solvent adhesives often used when installing wooden floors. This adhesive remover often rinses with water without leaving any residue behind. Before using it, you should test it in a small area for the best results.

How To Use 922 Urethane Adhesive Remover To Remove Urethane And Solvent Adhesives

1. Start by wetting the entire surface using this adhesive remover using a mop or sprayer. Allow the product to soak and penetrate the surface for about 30 to 60 minutes depending on the thickness of the product.

2. Remove the bulk of the softened product from the surface using a floor scraper or razor scrapers.

3. Make sure the walls, cracks, drains and flooring are protected with absorbent. Next, you can reapply the adhesive remover and agitate it using stripper pads. Once the adhesive is liquefied, you can use sawdust or kitty litter to absorb and remove it.

4. Use Sentinel 810 to wash and rinse the floor thoroughly and water to ensure the surface is clean before allowing it to dry out completely.

How To Use Sentinel 922 To Remove Glued Down Wood Flooring

1. Use a circular saw to cut down the wood surface into 6” – 8” squares. The saw should be deep enough to cut through the top floor up to the subfloor without cutting it.

2. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the sawdust from the floor and the cut lines.

3. Using a mop or squeegee, you should apply Sentinel 922 to the cut lines and make sure it penetrates properly. Give the product about 4 to 8 hours to soak and penetrate into the wood properly.

4. Use a spade to remove the old wood flooring. The squares should still be intact and easy to remove without using too much force. Next, you can focus on removing the adhesives from the subfloor.

Safety Information About Sentinel 922 Urethane Adhesive Remover

When using this adhesive remover, you should follow these safety instructions.

• If the product is inhaled, make sure you go to an area with fresh air. Rest in a position that is comfortable enough for proper breathing. Seek a doctor/physician if you are unwell.

• If the product is applied to your skin, you should rinse it out immediately using a lot of soap and water for about 15 minutes. Remove any contaminated clothing and wash them thoroughly before reusing them. If the irritation is persistent, you should seek medical advice.

• If the product gets in your eyes, you should rinse them out thoroughly. Pull your eyelids away from your eye for thorough cleaning. Also, remove your contact lenses if they are present and seek medical advice if there is persistent eye irritation.

• If you swallow the product, you should rinse your mouth thoroughly. Avoid inducing vomiting rather you should seek immediate medical attention.

When using Sentinel 922 Urethane Adhesive Remover, make sure the area is properly ventilated to avoid accidental inhalation of the product.

Best Cleaning Products For Your Restoration Projects.

Once you decide that you need to restore and preserve industrial, residential and commercial buildings, you will undoubtedly have to do it most effectively. The latter entails using cleaning products from Sentinel that are safe and better yet very effective. It does not matter whether you are restoring soft goods, flooring and wood alongside many others. You can approach a reputable company like Sentinel Products that will offer services and products that are gentle on your original structures. No one wants the original structures to look like a former shadow of themselves after restoration. The points that follow show the best cleaning products for your restoration products.

Cleaners And Degreasers.

There are a variety of non-caustic, dilutable cleaners and greasers that are available include the Sentinel 300 EnviroTowels with hydrogen peroxide and Sentinel 310 fuel oil cleaner. That way everyone’s cleaning needs are met because there is so much to choose from although it all comes down to the purpose of buying it. Note that there are all-purpose cleaners if you do not plan on buying different cleaners and degreasers for your restoration project. If you are keen on using environmentally friendly commodities, it is best if you know that they work better than their chemical counterparts. These Sentinel products are useful for many professional applications like lead and asbestos abatement and industries too.

Odor Control Products.

The odour control products that are available in the Sentinel’s restoration line are safe; hence, they will not pose any harm to the environment or you. They manage numerous odours that are commonly associated with stale smells and smoke very well, plus there are many modes of application. Note that there are odour encapsulants and removers. When they are both used together, they hinder foul odours from returning. If you are restoring either soft or hard goods, they ascertain that your space retains a fresh smell. The odour removers are quality products since they get rid of stale smells for good, unlike others that cover bad smells up.

The above points show the best cleaning products for restoration projects. If you have an upcoming restoration product, do not think twice about purchasing them. The Sentinel Products Company has been there for 50 years, which translates to them having perfected their products since they have been in the business for long. The fact that they are fit for any industry is a plus since you will always find Sentinel restoration products that you need. If need be, reach out to them to find more details about their services and how they charge.

Removing Carpet And Adhesive

adhesive removerWhen you own a home, rent an apartment, or own a business dwelling, you need to be responsible for the flooring that is in the unit. If you have carpeting, you know that it can get worn out and it will need to be removed. When you are removing carpet and adhesive, you need to make sure that you are using the correct materials so that you can do so safely. Many people trust Sentinel Products, Inc. in order to get the right products for the job at hand.

Sentinel Products, Inc.

Sentinel Products, Inc. has been in business for quite some time. They are experts at what they do, and you will always be able to ask them any questions that you might have. Since this is all a part of taking care of your home, apartment, or business dwelling, you will want to make sure that you purchase the right products and use them correctly when you want to remove carpet and adhesive. This company has just the right products for you to use and they are as follows:

1. Sentinel 626 Carpet & Sheet Vinyl Adhesive Remover

This product is biodegradable, water-based, and extremely powerful. You will have no problem with removing your carpeting and the adhesive when you use this product. People that have used it are very happy with the results. They know that this company stands by its products and that they do what the company says that they will do.

2. Sentinel 620 Carpet & Sheet Vinyl Adhesive Remover – Concentrate

When you use this product, you can either use it straight out of the container or mixed with hot water. You will be sure to get up the toughest carpeting removal job and you will also be able to get the adhesive up off of the flooring too. Count on this product to work fantastically well for you.

Making sure that you do the job right is important. If you need assistance with the removal of the carpeting and adhesive, you should ask a friend or relative if they are good at it. They will help you. You can also contact a professional to help walk you through the process of removing your carpet and adhesive. Don’t be afraid to ask for help because people understand that you might need some assistance with the process that goes into completing this type of job.

Sentinel Lead Lockdown-Sealant

Sentinel Lead Lockdown-Sealant is an interior/exterior 100% acrylic, water based, Zero V.O.C., low odor coating. Lead Lockdown-Sealant is designed as a post-removal lead dust lockdown solution subsequent to building materials being removed and or being demolished. Lead Lockdown-Sealant also seals and secures residual lead based paint. Lead Lockdown-Sealant is formulated with a flexible, durable, clear matte finish that will bond to most surfaces without the need of sanding & priming and will accept most top coats.


Safety Data Sheet

Product Data Sheet

The Best Products For Floor Removal And Installation Projects Today

adhesive remover

Adhesive RemoverPeople that own homes or have an apartment are always worried about how their residences look. Not only that, but they are also always checking to see if repairs or replacements are in order. This goes for flooring especially. If there is a floor that is not in good shape, it can pose a safety hazard. It is important that these issues be dealt with promptly and efficiently so that no gets hurt. People need to know where they can find just the right products to use for floor removal and installation projects. The company that they will want to go to is Sentinel.

The Sentinel Product For Floor Removal And Installation Projects Today

At Sentinel, people are finding just what they need for floor removal and installation projects. The company is known for its high-quality products and their prices are reasonable for the average person. Knowing this, a person likes dealing with this company because they know that they are getting products that work well and give them what they are paying for. Here are some of the products that they can use for floor removal:

1. Indoor Adhesive Remover

Sentinel 626 Carpet & Sheet Vinyl Adhesive Remover is made to get the job done. People will find that this product works very well for removing both carpeting and vinyl from floors and they will be impressed with how it works.

2. Outdoor Adhesive Remover

People love the Sentinel 747 Plus Adhesive Remover because it is excellent for removing black asphalt. It is easy to use and does a great job for people needing this type of product.

3. Special Flooring

Sentinel 206 PeroxyStrip Paint & Coating Stripper works for paints and other types of flooring. People will be amazed at how easy it is for them to use.

Products From Sentinel For Installation Purposes

When people are completing the installation of flooring products, they want something that will work well and last a long time. Here are some of the products that they can use for installation:

1. For Flooring And Wallpaper Projects

The Sentinel 811 Multi-Surface Adhesive Primer is an easy to use primer for all types of flooring installation projects. People like the price and also how easy it is to use.

2. For Improving The Power Of The Adhesive

Using the Sentinel 821 Moisture Blocking Adhesive Sealer/Prime is what people need to improve the capabilities of their adhesive. Using it is done quickly and easily and people are happy with the results.

Sentinel is a company that knows that floor removal and installation projects are important to their customers. They know that people want products that will work well and come at an affordable price. People are always satisfied with what they get from this company. In fact, they recommend their products to other people that they know like neighbors, friends, and relatives. This is because they know the value that they are getting with this company and they trust them completely.

Sentinel Lead Encapsulant (Available in a White or Clear Finish)

Sentinel Lead Encapsulant is an Interior/ Exterior, water based, Zero V.O.C., low odor coating designed as a permanent solution for abatement of lead based paint. Sentinel Lead Encapsulant is formulated with a flexible and durable finish t0 provide a thick barrier that traps in lead contaminants on a variety of building substrates. Sentinel Lead Encapsulant contains a bitter tasting anti-ingestant which deters children from oral contact. Sentinel Lead Encapsulant complies with HUD and the EPA for abatement by encapsulation.

Product Data Sheet (White)              Product Data Sheet (Clear)

Safety Data Sheet (White)                 Safety Data Sheet (Clear)

Quality Adhesive Primer

adhesive primers

Different substrates have to go through various stages of adhesive application before a technician can attach them on the final surface. Technicians use adhesive primers to pre-heat these substrates so that the adhesive becomes more effective. But you need to use environment-friendly adhesive primers because most of the regular ones contain harmful pollution-causing elements. Sentinel is one of the best brands that not only provides premium-quality adhesive primers but also makes sure they don’t harm the environment.


Using multi-surface adhesive primer

Sentinel’s multi-surface adhesive primer is a high-performance primer with low odor. It increases the floor and wallpaper’s adhesion capabilities. Here’s how you need to use this adhesive primer:

• Clean all the surfaces and make sure they are completely dry. There should not be even a drop or spec of moisture on the surface.
• Shake the container of Sentinel’s multi-surface adhesive primer. You shouldn’t mix this primer with other solvents or water. This primer has a milky white color but will dry and become translucent after some time.
• You can use a roller, sprayer, or brush to apply this prime. First, apply a thin coat and let it dry. You may apply a second coat, depending on the porosity of the substrate.
• Allow the second coat to dry before installing carpet tile or any other flooring material.


Sentinel is one of the leading manufacturers of adhesive primers. Use our products to understand their adhesive capabilities.

Quality Adhesive Remover Products

Adhesive Remover

Adhesive RemoverWelcome to Sentinel! We produce quality adhesive remover products and cleaners. Whether, it’s pressure sensitive, cutback, urethane, acrylic, latex or any other types of glues and mastics, we have you covered. If you have anything that sticks, Sentinel has the right products to clean it!

Note that, any adhesive product needs a chemically compatible remover to soften it before complete removal. For instance, solvent-based mastics are compatible with solvent-based removers. Acrylic and latex glues can be removed using a water-based remover.

Are you dealing with mold and asbestos issues in a flooring project or environmental abatement work? We have the right products to make your work simpler. Here are some of the products we offer that will work perfectly for you.

1. Indoor Carpet Adhesive Removers – We offer adhesive removers you can use to remove any indoor carpets responsibly and efficiently.

2. Outdoor Carpet Adhesive Removers – We have expert chemists who have created a unique formula that is used specifically to remove outdoor carpets.

3. Sheet Vinyl Adhesive Removers – We have quality adhesive removers that have been designed specially to remove sheet vinyl fast, responsibly and effectively. That way, it’s easier to complete your project without further issues.

4. Vinyl Tile Adhesive Removers – We provide vinyl tile adhesive removers that can be used safely and effectively. They are perfect for any flooring applications such as environmental abatement.

5. Wood Flooring Adhesive Removers – If you any adhesive products on your wooden floors, we have the best removers for such products in our store.

6. Specialty & Paint Adhesive Removers – Did you know that specialty adhesives contain PVAs, polyutherane glues and epoxies? As such they don’t respond to the traditional removers? Well, we have created numerous products to handle these adhesives and paints for all the flooring projects.

Call us today to get the best adhesive removal products for your needs!

Sentinel Products Comprehensive Line of Green Cleaning Products

Sentinel Products offers a line of professional restoration products. They contain EPA-approved additives and our products meet the most stringent VOC, CARB, and OTC compliance regulation.

At Sentinel, we’ve spent over 50 years developing the most effective cleaning products on the market.

We had green products, before they became a business trend. We continue to create products that integrate the latest green technology with the most effective cleaning formulas.

Our line of Green leaning Products & Solutions

Adhesive Removers – we have quality adhesive removers and cleaners for cutback, pressure-sensitive, latex and acrylic, urethane and other glues and mastics.
Adhesive Primers – We have adhesive primers that are great for flooring and restoration applications
Cleaners & Degreasers – our cleanings range from all-purpose cleaners to powerful metal cleaners.
Odor Control Products – our odor control products can be sed in several industry applications including restoration and remediation.
Paintings & Coatings – our 24-7 coatings inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew.
Asbestos Related Products – suppress dust and airborne particles with our line of asbestos-related products which are great for containment of asbestos-containing roofing and exterior building materials.

Whatever industrial project you have, we have a product to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn how we can help you! 800-373-0633

Top Reasons To Use Sentinel Restoration Products For All Your Cleaning Needs

Adhesive RemoverWhen restoring your property or carrying out routine cleaning, you may have come across tough stains that are hard to remove. Such stains can lower the aesthetics of your property if not eliminated effectively and completely. If you have such stains in your property, you should browse the range of cleaning products offered at for guaranteed success in your cleaning venture.

Sentinel Restoration Products is a family company that was established in 1963 with a view of offering trusted cleaning solutions to all industries. With over 50 years’ experience in offering quality cleaning products, we are certified by many organizations and have a strong industry reputation for meeting client needs.

Among our wide range of products, you cannot lack a cleaning product that will help solve your cleaning headache be it in a commercial or residential property. Our cleaning products are all approved by the VOC and further they are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Some of the cleaning products that we offer can be used for:

• Cleaning and Degreasing Floors

When installing new floors, it is important to clean the installation surface if you want to ensure durability. Our range of cleaners and degreasers can also be used to clean new floors in order to maintain their shine.

• Removing Asbestos from Floors

Asbestos is very harmful and dangerous to human health. You can use our cleaning products to get rid of asbestos contamination and also prevent its recurrence in the future hence ensuring that the inhabitants of your property are healthy and protected.

• Cleaning Stains on Surfaces

We have a range of products that can be used to remove organic stains as well as other difficult stains such as those caused by oil. Not only do our products remove the existing stains but they also lighten and brighten surfaces.

• Removing Odors

You can also peruse our catalog of cleaning products for environmentally protecting cleaning supplies that can be used to get rid of disturbing odors in your property. Our products are designed to eliminate odors once and for all.

On acquiring Sentinel Restoration Products, you are not just receiving top-of-the-range industry cleaning products. Our skilled technicians and customer support staff are always on call to answer queries and offer technical support. To us, our work only ends when you have achieved the desired and expect results you were hoping for during cleaning.

You do not have to be stressed when it comes to finding the right products for cleaning your property. Senpro is here for all your cleaning needs. Simply get in touch with us today at for guaranteed high-quality products, exceptional customer service and guaranteed satisfaction.