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The Best Cleaning Products for Your Restoration Projects

300 ETowels 3 Gallon

You will need to be very efficient if you want to restore and maintain industrial, commercial, and residential buildings. Sentinel offers cleaning products that are both safe and effective. You can restore soft goods, wood and flooring among others. You can contact a reputable business like Sentinel Products, which will provide services and products gentle to your original structures. Nobody wants to see the original structures look like an old shadow after restoration. These points will show you the best cleaning products to use with your restoration products.

Cleaners and Degreasers

Sentinel 300 EnviroTowels containing hydrogen peroxide, and Sentinel 310 Fuel Oil Cleaner are among the non-caustic, dilutable cleansers and greasers available. There are so many options to choose from, but it comes down to what you want to use it for. There are also all-purpose cleaning products if you don’t want to buy different cleaners or degreasers. It is important to know that environmentally friendly products work better than their counterparts in the chemical world. Sentinel products can be used for many different professional applications, such as asbestos and lead abatement.

Odor Control Products

Sentinel’s line of restoration products contains odor-control products that are completely safe. They will not harm you or the environment. The products are very effective at removing stale odors, smoke and other odors. They also have many different ways to apply them. There are also odor removers and encapsulants. Both products work together to prevent foul smells. They ensure that the space you restore, whether it is soft or hard goods will retain a fresh scent. These odor-removing products are high quality because they eliminate stale smells permanently, unlike other products that simply mask them.

These points will help you choose the right cleaning products for your restoration project. Do not hesitate to purchase a restoration product if you are planning on launching one. Sentinel Products Company is a company that has been around for more than 50 years. This means they have perfected their product since being in business so long. Sentinel products are suitable for all industries, so you can always find the restoration products you need. Contact them if you need to know more about their service and pricing.


Sentinel Has Products for all Your Cleaning Needs

You may have encountered difficult stains when cleaning your home or restoring it. If these stains are not removed completely and effectively, they can reduce the aesthetics of your home. Browse the cleaning products available at www.senpro.com to ensure success with your cleaning project.

Sentinel Restoration Products was founded in 1963 by a family with the aim of providing trusted cleaning solutions for all industries. We have over 50 years of experience offering high-quality cleaning products. We are certified by several organizations and enjoy a solid reputation in the industry for meeting customer needs.

You will find a product in our range that can help you solve any cleaning problem, whether it is for a residential or commercial property. All of our cleaning products have been approved by both the VOC as well as the Environmental Protection Agency.

Our cleaning products can be used to:

Clean and Degrease Floors

It is essential to clean the surface of new floors before installing them. This will ensure their durability. You can use our range of cleaners to clean your new floors and maintain their shine.

Remove Asbestos From Floors

Asbestos can be very dangerous and harmful to the human body. Our cleaning products can be used to remove asbestos and prevent it from reoccurring in the future. This will ensure that your residents are protected and healthy.

Clean Surfaces of Stains

Our products can be used to remove oil stains, organic stains and other tough stains. Our products not only remove existing stains, but also brighten and lighten surfaces.

Remove Odors

Browse our cleaning product catalog for eco-friendly cleaning products that will help you eliminate unpleasant odors from your home. Our products eliminate odors permanently.

Sentinel Restoration Products are more than just top-of the-line cleaning products for industry. We have a team of highly-skilled technicians and support staff available to answer questions and provide technical assistance. Our work is only complete when you achieve the results that you wanted during cleaning.

Sentinel Products is here to help you with all your cleaning needs. Sentinel can help you with all of your cleaning requirements. Contact us at www.senpro.com today for high-quality products and exceptional customer service.



Asbestos Products And More

Homeowners are sometimes confused about the products they should use to create a cleaner and healthier environment. It is important to select the correct product when searching for cleaning products. This includes cleaning for professional cleaning and remediation as well as restoration, abatement or flooring projects. One company offers perfect cleaning products that are environmentally friendly. Since we have been in business for more than 50 years, we know what we are doing.

Sentinel is at the forefront of environmentally friendly cleaning products. They have had this goal since long before “environmentally-friendly” was even a word. The 3rd-generation business has on-staff chemists and a team that continues to develop and create products using the latest green technologies and most effective cleaning formulas.

Our customer service is renowned for its high quality. It is easy to order our products. How many times have you been frustrated by an endless string of automated messages while calling a business? You won’t experience this when you call the company during business hours. You will quickly be connected to an expert who is able to guide you through our company’s products, answer your questions and help you make the right decision.

Our company’s products are EPA-approved and meet all the strictest standards and regulations set by CARB, VOC and OTC. Our products include adhesive removers and odor control products. We also offer degreasers, cleaners and adhesive primers.

Our lead abatement products and asbestos products, for example, are manufactured in a way that suppresses airborne particles and dust particles and reduces environmental pollution. The removal of contaminants is made easier and safer. There are also excellent odor-control products which will not only cover but destroy. These products eliminate smoke and musty odors.

We offer a line of mildew- and mold-resistant coatings that are environmentally friendly and safe. As mentioned earlier, the company also has a great lineup of degreasers and cleaners.

We knows that you are most concerned with a high-quality product. Your reputation as a contractor will be at stake for each job you perform. The products that homeowners and DIYers choose should be safe and able to do the job right the first time. Sentinel Products will guarantee that the products you select are of the highest quality.


Floor Adhesive Removal

floor cleaner

It is crucial to select an adhesive floor cleaner that is safe for the environment and that does what it claims. There are many quality floor adhesive products available for latex, acrylic and urethane. Each glue will require a chemically compatible cleaner.

Do-it-yourselfers often find the hardest part of remodeling a flooring is removing the glue and old material. Floors are unique and each floor has its own adhesive. An adhesive will begin to harden over time and can even become petrified. It will be extremely difficult to remove the adhesive. You will therefore need one of the environmentally friendly, floor cleaners.

If you are considering removing a floor on your own, make sure to keep safety and ventilation in mind. There are many chemicals that can be used to soften adhesives for floor removal. Protect yourself by wearing long sleeves, rubber gloves, and pants. Always refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations. These guidelines will tell you which filter to use with your respirator. Make sure all doors and windows are open. This will reduce harmful fumes and speed up the process.

It is crucial to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on mixing the solution and whether it should be applied at full strength. A squeegee or paint brush, broom or roller are all options. Your goal is to coat all adhesive with the solution. The solution will absorb into the adhesive, causing the chemical reaction to begin. The next step is to remove the solution.

A standard handheld floor scraper can be used to remove glue if you only have a thin layer or small areas. You may need to stand up and use the full-size floor scraper for larger areas or thicker glue concentrations. Whatever scraper you choose, the goal is to remove all adhesive from the subfloor. The glue should be easy to peel off once it has been softened by the chemicals. You can apply another layer of adhesive floor-removal solution if it doesn’t.


The Sentinel 810 All-Surface Floor Cleaner Makes Floor Cleaning Easier Than Ever!

floor cleaner

floor cleanerSpecially formulated without odors or harmful chemicals, the Sentinel 810 All-Surface Floor Cleaner offers a reliable high-strength cleaning agent that can cut through the toughest dirt, grease, and oil stains. Perfectly safe to use on hardwoods, vinyl, laminate, ceramic, and stone, this cleaning agent does it all without harming your investment! Most importantly, the special ingredients allow it to evaporate from your flooring quickly and leave behind a shiny protective layer that offers a sleek clean look.

A Cleaner That Has Healthier Standards!

Many modern cleaning agents available on the market today will harm finished flooring or leave behind a heavy lingering scent. Fortunately, the Sentinel 810 All-Surface Floor Cleaner is created with an eco-conscious mind and is healthier and better for the environment than standard cleaners. It has even received EPA recognition as being safer to use than competitors’ products in the same category!

How To Prep Finished Floors For Usage

Before using the 810 cleaning solution, it is important to properly prep your finished floors. Mop, vacuum or sweep your flooring first in order to ensure that any dirt and grime are properly loosened and removed. Make sure you dampen the sponge, mop or microfiber cloth you will use with the cleaning solution. Once you have dampened your tool, you can safely spray the 810 onto your flooring. After you have liberally sprayed the surface, you can gently wipe it dry to remove the cleaning solution.

This spray is also useful for helping clean up residue left behind by old flooring during the removal process. Simply use a brush or a mop to agitate the remainder of the old residue and spray the surface with the cleaner while doing so. Before installing fresh flooring, make sure that you allow the cleaned subflooring to completely dry to the touch.

Two Uses In One Great Product!

This formula is ideal for prepping a surface after the removal of old flooring materials. Though that is the original intention of the product, it also doubles as a safe and effective floor cleaner spray. It’s advisable, however, to not use the Sentinel 810 All-Surface Floor Cleaner on either unfinished wood floors or floors that have been finished with oil or wax. Due to the nature of the ingredients, doing so may cause permanent staining that can affect the look and feel of the flooring.

If you’re ready for a game changer in the floor cleaning products category, give Sentinel 810 a try! It offers easy cleanup and more importantly, it won’t release harmful chemicals and vapors into your indoor air.

Why You Should Choose 747 Plus Adhesive Remover

Adhesive Remover

Adhesive RemoverIf you’re replacing the flooring in your home, you’ll need to find a way to get rid of any adhesives that are left behind. Whether you’re dealing with cutback adhesive, foam backing, or sheet vinyl, an adhesive remover will help you to clear away glue residue. Sentinel 747 Plus Adhesive Remover is the ideal solution for your next home project.

It Can Remove Many Different Flooring Adhesives

No matter what sort of adhesive you need to remove, you can trust that this product will get the job done. It can be frustrating to buy a product that won’t do what you need it to. This is an efficient product that can be used to clear away virtually any type of flooring adhesive.

Some substances are only a good fit for certain types of adhesives. This is a flexible project that can make all kinds of do-it-yourself home renovation projects easier. In fact, you may be able to use your adhesive remover for more than one project around the house!

It Doesn’t Have a Strong Odor

There are some adhesive removers that have a strong, unpleasant scent. You may have to wear a mask to protect yourself when working with these products. In contrast, this product has a very light odor that’s difficult to detect. On top of that, the odor will fade away fairly quickly.

It can be hard to deal with strong odors in your living space. This product is highly effective, but it doesn’t have a strong scent. You’ll be able to use it without having to worry about the smell.

It’s Biodegradable

Another major benefit of this project is that it’s eco-friendly. There are quite a few products on the market that contain ingredients that are harmful to the environment. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, this biodegradable product is one of your best options.

While some environmentally-friendly products aren’t that powerful, this product works very well. In fact, you may find that it’s actually much more effective than products on the market that contain potentially hazardous ingredients.

The Sentinel 747 Plus Adhesive Remover is a flexible product that’s a good fit for both commercial and residential projects. It’s easy to work with, and it’s a highly effective way to get rid of many types of adhesives. If you have an adhesive that you need to strip away, this is the ideal project for your needs.

Sentinel 626 Carpet & Sheet Vinyl Remover:

adhesive remover

It Will Be Like Nothing Was Ever Stuck There In The First Place!

Carpets and vinyl sheets like decals or wallpapers are great for the simple reason that they can help hide deformations and imperfections on surfaces, hide the actual age of a surface and best of all, they can help accentuate the beauty of a room (when done creatively). However, over time, the vinyl sheets may age and, in the process, lose their splendor and beauty which will call for new decorations/covers on your surfaces. You may even need to remove existing covers for the simple reason that you no longer find them appealing, or, for a host of other reasons…

Most vinyl sheets, decals and even some carpets come with a generous amount of adhesive at the back to help hold them in place. If you have ever tried to remove vinyl sheets, wallpapers or anything else that has adhesive at the back, you probably know how frustrating it can be… Without the right tools and MOST IMPORTANTLY, the RIGHT ADHESIVE REMOVER, you are likely to end up with uneven surfaces and in the process, you can even permanently damage surfaces. This will not only damage the aesthetics of inside your property but you will also need to cough up hefty sums to carry out any requisite repairs.

In the market today, you will find many adhesive removers that claim to ‘do the job right’ but if you check out the experiences of past buyers, you may quickly come to learn that they are not as effective as advertised…

What if I told you that there is an adhesive remover that lives up to its hype? Ever heard of the Sentinel 626 Carpet, Sheet, Decal & Vinyl Adhesive Remover?

The Sentinel 626 adhesive remover is a safe, biodegradable yet highly effective and powerful formulation that is designed to quickly remove pressure-sensitive adhesives, acrylic and latex from surfaces such as ceramics, vinyl tiles, concrete, terrazzo and wood substrates. This powerful adhesive removal formula has been extensively tested and its efficacy proven as testimonials and reviews from customers who have used it prove.

Unlike other adhesive removers that pose a safety hazard to the user, this formulation has been designed to not only quickly and effectively remove carpets and decals stuck on surfaces but also protect the safety of the user and the surrounding environment. The Sentinel 626 is odorless – meaning that it can be used in closed spaces, non-flammable – meaning that there is no risk of fire, biodegradable – meaning that you do not have to worry about any detrimental impact on the environment, and best of all, it is water-based – meaning that you do not have to worry about staining your surfaces when removing any covers with adhesives from surfaces on your property. Did I mention that the process of using this formulation to remove any decals and/or surface covers that have adhesives is as easy as ABC …

To learn more on how to use the Sentinel 626 Carpet, Decals, Sheet & Vinyl Adhesive Remover or to place an order, please call 800-373-0633 or visit www.senpro.com/2018/04/26/sentinel-626-carpet-sheet-vinyl-adhesive-remover-3/.

Overview Of The Sentinel 300 EnviroTowels With Hydrogen Peroxide

If you need to use professional grade biodegradable towels, you may want to consider those that are available from Sentinel. They have created a unique towel, called EnviroTowels, that are designed for professional use. Extremely strong, they will allow you to remove organic stains, and properly clean any surface. Whether you are removing urine, mildew, or even black mold, these towels are designed for that purpose. If you do not have Sentinel 300 EnviroTowels yet, this might be exactly what you are looking for. Here is an overview of this product and why so many people use these particular high-grade environmentally friendly towels complete with hydrogen peroxide.

Why Are These so Effective?

There are three reasons why you should consider using these towels from Sentinel. First of all, they are professional strength which means they are designed to be durable. Second, they are environmentally friendly which is why they are biodegradable. Once you have use them to clean up a spill, or any other contaminated area, they can be thrown away without worrying about affecting the environment. Finally, they are designed for the most toxic cleanups. For example, if you need to clean up vomit, feces, urine, or even a carbon-based product, you can count on these for sanitary reasons. They will keep you safe, and those that will be in the area, where the contamination once was before you cleaned it up.

What Are The Usage Guidelines?

The usage guidelines are fairly straightforward. If you have ever used a paper towel before, or one designed for toxic spills, you will know exactly what to do. To get the desired results, simply use them as recommended on the exterior of the container. It is also important to store them at temperatures that are below 90°F.

What Properties Do They Possess?

These possess certain properties that are unique to Sentinel products. For example, they are superior when it comes to soil wetting. They will demonstrate high foaming properties, enabling them to easily lift soil residue and remove stains. They are extremely versatile, allowing you to use them on a wide variety of services, and can extract mold and mildew very easily. They are safe to ship, and you can dispose of these towels, knowing that you will not be adversely affecting the environment once they have been discarded.

If you have never used Sentinel products before, your introduction to this company will go very well with these EnviroTowels. The 300 series, which uses hydrogen peroxide, will allow you to remain safe when cleaning up spills that could be dangerous or toxic. It is highly recommended that you test out a small area prior to using multiple towels for a cleanup. If it works well, you can then use additional towels to complete the process. Find out more about Sentinel 300 EnviroTowels with hydrogen peroxide today.

Get Premium Quality Products for Floor Removal and Installation

Adhesive Remover

As a flooring expert, you wouldn’t want to risk your reputation by providing substandard floor installations. On the other hand, if you believe in DIY, you would want a product that makes floor removals easier. At Sentinel Products, we make floor removal and installation products that cater to your needs in every way. From adhesive removers to environment-friendly degreasers, you can count on us to provide high-quality products that make installations and floor removals a cakewalk.

Using floor removal products

Our floor removal products work on all surfaces. It provides a high-performance finish, thanks to the Acrylic Emulsion Technology. These products come with a relatively small particulate size that offers a well-dispersed finish. Plus, they don’t have a stinking smell, provides excellent durability, and high gloss to a wide range of substrates.

Here’s how you should use our floor removal product:

• Clean the surface thoroughly and allow it to dry completely. Even a drop of moisture can deteriorate the quality of finish that our products are capable of.
• Shake the container well. Sometimes the solvents settle down at the bottom of the container. Shaking the container mixes them with the other ingredients again.
• Make sure you don’t mix our products with water or other solvents. All our floor removal and installation products come ready to use. They look milky white when you apply it on the floor. The color soon dries out and becomes transparent.
• We recommend that you use a sprayer or roller to apply the floor removal solution. It would require a double coat on all types of surfaces. Allow the first coat to dry before you apply the second coat. You should also allow the second coat to dry before placing carpet tiles or other flooring materials.

Safety of products

All our floor removal products meet the quality standards, making them safe for everyone. Each product goes through various quality checks before we pack them. Here are some of the reasons why experts consider our products safe:

• They don’t create dangerous reactions when you use the product under normal conditions.
• It doesn’t produce any chemical reactions and maintains its stability if you store it in proper conditions.
• It works on almost every flooring surface you can think of.

Sentinel Products is one of the best companies when it comes to manufacturing floor removal and installation products. You should use them to understand why we are the best in the business.

Sentinel Products Comprehensive Line of Green Cleaning Products

Sentinel Products offers a line of professional restoration products. They contain EPA-approved additives and our products meet the most stringent VOC, CARB, and OTC compliance regulation.

At Sentinel, we’ve spent over 50 years developing the most effective cleaning products on the market.

We had green products, before they became a business trend. We continue to create products that integrate the latest green technology with the most effective cleaning formulas.

Our line of Green leaning Products & Solutions

Adhesive Removers – we have quality adhesive removers and cleaners for cutback, pressure-sensitive, latex and acrylic, urethane and other glues and mastics.
Adhesive Primers – We have adhesive primers that are great for flooring and restoration applications
Cleaners & Degreasers – our cleanings range from all-purpose cleaners to powerful metal cleaners.
Odor Control Products – our odor control products can be sed in several industry applications including restoration and remediation.
Paintings & Coatings – our 24-7 coatings inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew.
Asbestos Related Products – suppress dust and airborne particles with our line of asbestos-related products which are great for containment of asbestos-containing roofing and exterior building materials.

Whatever industrial project you have, we have a product to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn how we can help you! 800-373-0633

Floor Adhesive Removal

Adhesive Remover

Adhesive RemoverIf you are about to use a flooring adhesive remover, it is important to choose a product that is not only safe for the environment but one that will do exactly what it says it will do. There are many different types of quality floor adhesive remover products for things such as latex, acrylic, urethane, pressure sensitive, and cut back glues. However, each one of these glues will require a special chemically compatible remover.

Most do-it-yourself homeowners find that the most difficult part of remodeling a floor is the removal of the floor’s previous material and glue. Obviously, floors are different and each one has its own special adhesive. Over time, an adhesive will harden and in fact it will become almost petrified. This will make the removal extremely difficult and therefore you will need to use one of the above environmentally friendly, adhesive floor removers.

For anyone who is considering doing an existing floor removal project on their own, it is important to remember two key things, safety and ventilation. Floor removal adhesives contain a variety of chemicals that will soften the adhesive for easy removal. You need to protect yourself by wearing pants, long sleeved shirts, and using rubber gloves. Always read the recommendation guidelines included from the manufacture. These guidelines will recommend which type of filter you should use with your respirator. Also, make sure that all windows and doors are fully open. This will keep harmful fumes to a minimum while doing the removal process.

Once again, it is important to read the manufacture’s recommendations on how to mix the solution or whether to apply it at full strength. You can use a squeegee, paint brush, paint roller, broom, or mop. Remember, your goal will be to cover all of the old adhesive with a layer of the solution. The solution will soak into the adhesive and start the chemical reaction. Your next step will be to scrape off the softened solution.

If you have a thin layer of glue or a small area then you can use a standard handheld floor scraper to remove the glue. For larger areas and thicker concentrations, you may be best to stand up and use a full-size floor scraper. No matter which scraper you use, your goal will be to remove all of the adhesive from the sub-floor. Since the glue has been softened by the chemicals it should peel up and away easily. If it does not, simply apply another layer of the adhesive floor removal solution.

Environmentally Friendly Adhesive Removal For Indoor/Outdoor Carpeting

adhesive remover

adhesive removerPeople today are very concerned about the environment. They know that they need to do their part to make sure that this world survives well into the future. When it comes to using a variety of chemicals for flooring projects, restoration, or professional cleaning, it is important to choose a product that provides an adequate solution and is environmentally friendly. Fortunately, our company has spent the last 50 years researching and developing a selection of products that are both effective and environmentally friendly.

For example, what type of adhesive remover product would you choose for removing the adhesive on either indoor or outdoor carpet? This unique company provides a huge selection of products for adhesive removal including sheet vinyl adhesives, wood flooring adhesives, paint & specialty adhesive, vinyl tile adhesives, and indoor and outdoor carpet adhesives.

Sentinel Products has a product called Sentinel 626 sheet vinyl and carpet adhesive remover. This particular product has been specifically designed for the safe removal of indoor carpets from flooring, asbestos, and lead abatement applications. It is a uniquely formulated product that will easily remove the adhesives from sheet vinyls or indoor carpets. It will do an excellent job while at the same time having a minimal environmental impact.

Sentinel 626 adhesive remover is an extremely powerful biodegradable, water-based formulation. It was specifically designed and developed for the quick removal of acrylic, latex, and pressure sensitive adhesives. You can use this product to remove the adhesive from terrazzo, concrete, vinyl tile, ceramic, or wood substrate. It is also V.O.C. compliant.

Sentinel 620, on the other hand, is a sheet vinyl and carpet adhesive remover but in a concentrated form. This is the perfect product that you would choose for removing stubborn carpet or for stripping the toughest acrylic and latex adhesives from all types of floor surfaces. Sentinel 620 is an adhesive removal product that is highly concentrated. Depending on the project, you can use 620 mixed with hot water or straight out of the container.

Isn’t it reassuring that you can have complete trust using Sentinel’s products? We’ve been working for decades on the cutting edge of developing cleaning products that are environmentally safe. Our company has been doing this even before there was a trend of “being green”. It is a third-generation business and it has a dedicated staff of experts and chemists that continue to develop effective cleaning formulas that are environmentally responsible.

Sentinel 810 All-Surface Floor Cleaner – Best Floor Cleaner For Any Surface

The 810 All-Surface Floor Cleaner from Sentinel is a no-odor product that cleans floors perfectly. It is the best all-surface floor cleaner that you can choose for all types of floors and all types of adhesives or other substances needing to be removed from those floors. When installing new flooring or refinishing it, this is a cleanser that will work dependably every time.

The product is ready-to-use to clean greases and oils. It does not require any mixing or additives to make it ready to clean. It saves you lots of time in the preparation of flooring installation.

It was made as a high-strength cleaner specifically for adhesive removal after floor prep. However, it also works well for general floor cleaning and is one of the highlighted products sold in the company’s Floor Cleaning Kit.

Besides being recognized by the EPA as containing safe ingredients which will not harm people or the environment it works on many finished surfaces. It works on wood, stone, ceramic, and vinyl. It will get up tough dirt, grease and adhesives but will never leave behind harsh odors or chemical residues which can cause allergies and other issues within your business or at any job site where use of the cleanser is required.

Even though it is tough on oil and grease, it will not harm any surface. It cleans and leaves behind a shine that you will appreciate.

The clear liquid is easy to use. Once the old flooring has been removed, you can apply Sentinel’s 810 All-Surface Floor Cleaner by spraying it onto the subfloor. Do not use too much or it could cause puddles to form. Use a broom, sponge or move to get up all the adhesive and rinse thoroughly. Do this as soon as possible as leaving the product on for too long could cause staining. Let it dry completely before you lay any new flooring.

You will find that this cleaner works great for everyday use as well. It quickly evaporates after being applied. While it is suitable for most all floor types, use care on floors finished with oil or wax. It can be used on finished wood surfaces but should not be used on unfinished surfaces.

The product is available from Sentinel online directly at senpro.com. Or, you can find it for sale at many online retailers. For an odor-free, environmentally friendly adhesive remover, this is a product you can depend on every time.