Overview Of The Sentinel 300 EnviroTowels With Hydrogen Peroxide

If you need to use professional grade biodegradable towels, you may want to consider those that are available from Sentinel. They have created a unique towel, called EnviroTowels, that are designed for professional use. Extremely strong, they will allow you to remove organic stains, and properly clean any surface. Whether you are removing urine, mildew, or even black mold, these towels are designed for that purpose. If you do not have Sentinel 300 EnviroTowels yet, this might be exactly what you are looking for. Here is an overview of this product and why so many people use these particular high-grade environmentally friendly towels complete with hydrogen peroxide.

Why Are These so Effective?

There are three reasons why you should consider using these towels from Sentinel. First of all, they are professional strength which means they are designed to be durable. Second, they are environmentally friendly which is why they are biodegradable. Once you have use them to clean up a spill, or any other contaminated area, they can be thrown away without worrying about affecting the environment. Finally, they are designed for the most toxic cleanups. For example, if you need to clean up vomit, feces, urine, or even a carbon-based product, you can count on these for sanitary reasons. They will keep you safe, and those that will be in the area, where the contamination once was before you cleaned it up.

What Are The Usage Guidelines?

The usage guidelines are fairly straightforward. If you have ever used a paper towel before, or one designed for toxic spills, you will know exactly what to do. To get the desired results, simply use them as recommended on the exterior of the container. It is also important to store them at temperatures that are below 90°F.

What Properties Do They Possess?

These possess certain properties that are unique to Sentinel products. For example, they are superior when it comes to soil wetting. They will demonstrate high foaming properties, enabling them to easily lift soil residue and remove stains. They are extremely versatile, allowing you to use them on a wide variety of services, and can extract mold and mildew very easily. They are safe to ship, and you can dispose of these towels, knowing that you will not be adversely affecting the environment once they have been discarded.

If you have never used Sentinel products before, your introduction to this company will go very well with these EnviroTowels. The 300 series, which uses hydrogen peroxide, will allow you to remain safe when cleaning up spills that could be dangerous or toxic. It is highly recommended that you test out a small area prior to using multiple towels for a cleanup. If it works well, you can then use additional towels to complete the process. Find out more about Sentinel 300 EnviroTowels with hydrogen peroxide today.