Get Premium Quality Products for Floor Removal and Installation

Adhesive Remover

As a flooring expert, you wouldn’t want to risk your reputation by providing substandard floor installations. On the other hand, if you believe in DIY, you would want a product that makes floor removals easier. At Sentinel Products, we make floor removal and installation products that cater to your needs in every way. From adhesive removers to environment-friendly degreasers, you can count on us to provide high-quality products that make installations and floor removals a cakewalk.

Using floor removal products

Our floor removal products work on all surfaces. It provides a high-performance finish, thanks to the Acrylic Emulsion Technology. These products come with a relatively small particulate size that offers a well-dispersed finish. Plus, they don’t have a stinking smell, provides excellent durability, and high gloss to a wide range of substrates.

Here’s how you should use our floor removal product:

• Clean the surface thoroughly and allow it to dry completely. Even a drop of moisture can deteriorate the quality of finish that our products are capable of.
• Shake the container well. Sometimes the solvents settle down at the bottom of the container. Shaking the container mixes them with the other ingredients again.
• Make sure you don’t mix our products with water or other solvents. All our floor removal and installation products come ready to use. They look milky white when you apply it on the floor. The color soon dries out and becomes transparent.
• We recommend that you use a sprayer or roller to apply the floor removal solution. It would require a double coat on all types of surfaces. Allow the first coat to dry before you apply the second coat. You should also allow the second coat to dry before placing carpet tiles or other flooring materials.

Safety of products

All our floor removal products meet the quality standards, making them safe for everyone. Each product goes through various quality checks before we pack them. Here are some of the reasons why experts consider our products safe:

• They don’t create dangerous reactions when you use the product under normal conditions.
• It doesn’t produce any chemical reactions and maintains its stability if you store it in proper conditions.
• It works on almost every flooring surface you can think of.

Sentinel Products is one of the best companies when it comes to manufacturing floor removal and installation products. You should use them to understand why we are the best in the business.